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Foxes Fall to Canisius, 94-82

Canisius started the day by hitting three of their first six shots from the three-point line, and they didn’t slow down all day. Marist’s first lead of the game came when they took a 13-12 lead with 11:31 remaining in the first half, the Red Foxes did not lead after that.

The stories of the game centered around Canisius setting a new school record with 17 three-pointers made, Chris Manhertz setting a career record with 18 rebounds, and Canisius getting off to their first 6-1 start since the 1973-74 season. Harold Washington, senior guard for Canisius hit six three-pointers, and was tied with Devin Price for the lead among all scorers with 25 points.

“Our guys stepped up,” Canisius head coach Jim Baron said, “They played with a lot of confidence, and they know that if it’s there, they shoot it.”

On Sunday, there was no arguing that it was there. Washington was 6-11 from three, Billy Baron was 3-6, and the rest of the team combined for 8 threes. The barrage of three-pointers gave way to the largest amount of points that Marist allowed this season (94), topping a mark they set earlier this week when they allowed 91 points to Army.

Marist head coach Chuck Martin was critical of the team’s rebounding, and its responsibility for the amount of opportunities Canisius had from three. Canisius out-rebounded Marist 51-32, and according to Martin, it showed.

“I give them credit for making [three-pointers], it’s not like they have to go in,” Martin said, “But I know that five of them came off offensive rebounds or loose balls. Eliminate those, and the score is much closer. You can’t give second and third opportunities.”

However, Marist outscored Canisius in the second half, 56-51. There were many points in the second half where it looked like the Red Foxes might be poised to make a comeback. Senior guard Devin Price, who was tied for the lead among all scorers with 25 points, voiced his frustration at the apparent inconsistency.

“It’s frustrating, because I know my team, and I know just how good we can be, and I think you see glimpses of it,” Price said, “We’re a better team, and we’re better than what we showed today.”

For Marist, their next opportunity to live up to the expectations will be a week from today, Sunday, December, 16, when they take on Maine in the McCann Arena. Maine is 3-6, coming off a loss at Florida State today, and will face Army before they come to the McCann Arena.

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