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Source says Jeff Bower visits Marist

A source in Marist Athletics said that Jeff Bower, a candidate for the men’s basketball head coaching position, was on campus interviewing today. The source said met with both administration and current players.

Bower was an assistant at Marist under Dave Magarity from 1986-1995, after which he was hired as a scout by the Charlotte Hornets. He held both assistant coaching and front office positions with the team until he took over as general manager from 2002-2003, after the Hornets moved to New Orleans. He held the GM position again from 2005-2010, guiding the team through the effects of Hurricane Katrina, and was the Hornets’ head coach throughout most of the 2009-10 season. Bower and the Hornets parted ways after that season.

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2 thoughts on “Source says Jeff Bower visits Marist

  1. R. Keener on said:

    Looks like a good hire by the Red Foxes.

  2. R. Keener on said:

    I just discovered your blog. Keep up the good work because Marist basketball deserves entertaining articles like you provide. Marist has tremendous potential and lets get further away from the C. Martin regime where victory totals in double digits was almost asking too much. Maybe Jeff Bower can connect with his inner Rik Smits and get Red Fox Nation back into the metropolitan NY spotlight and maybe even the national scene. Can we start dreaming of the postseason CIT, CBI or NIT? I won’t even think of the Big Dance NCAA yet. Who do you think he is, Brian Giorgis? Maybe after 100 Marist wins he can start being mentioned along with B. Giorgis, a gift to Marist College. Enough with taking a back seat in the standings to our MAAC friends. I feel sorry for the students who had to endure the last few years including a 1 win and 6 win season. Well you had your humble pie and now its up to Coach Bower to treat Marist fans to our ice cream cake with a cherry on top. We’ve waited long enough!

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